Fixing the Windows 10 Command Prompt Obnoxious Resizing

January 13, 2016

In Windows 10 the command prompt can finally be resized like a normal window which is a way bigger deal than it sounds like. Anyways, a heads up there is now a quirk in the program where the Command Prompt retains its size from the last time you had it open, but only if you opened the properties dialog by right clicking the title bar. So if you ever open the Command Prompt and it immediately starts huge, remember that you can set its initial size back to the size you want by:

  1. Resize the window back to the size you like
  2. Right click the title bar and click properties. You can change options or not it does not matter, but what does matter is that you click Ok and not Cancel.
  3. Close the program and reopen it. It should have the size it had when you last clicked properties.

Hope this helps someone!

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