June 25, 2014

Ever since Android Studio was released I have been having an awful time getting my projects imported correctly. However, today I have found a solution. I deleted all the iml, idea, and gradle wrapper files and ignored them from git. Then re-imported the project. Voila, all of a sudden the project is imported with no issues.

April 22, 2014

One of my favorite parts of Linux is the ability to make everything work the way you want. Over the years the only part of OSX i have ever envied was the multitouch gesture support. I have found this replicatable in Linux. This is my guide to getting this working so multitouch can be used by all. In newer systems ( Ubuntu 13.10 and up, Arch, etc.) the version of the xorg input driver shipped no longer supports utilizing gestures using the synclient driver. However, there is a workaround to ... View Whole Post

March 3, 2014

I recently made the switch from Linux Mint to Arch Linux. It was time for a new distro and I loved the idea of the rolling release and how fast Arch recieves updated packages. I was also intrigues by the prospect of building my own personalized system from the ground up. Most of the steps taken to get the install up and running are found in the Arch Linux Beginner's Guide. There are also some really good steps to follow in ... View Whole Post

February 20, 2014

I recently switched from Eclipse to Android-Studio for my Android development. However, I have found myself less interested in using an IDE as I have fallen in love with Sublime-text 3. So I set out to find the best way that I can use Sublime Text to develop my Android applications. Here is how I have set up my Android development environment.

Generating Project Files

Because Android Studio uses the Gradle build system that is deeply integrated with the IDE, I still have ... View Whole Post

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