January 13, 2016

In Windows 10 the command prompt can finally be resized like a normal window which is a way bigger deal than it sounds like. Anyways, a heads up there is now a quirk in the program where the Command Prompt retains its size from the last time you had it open, but only if you opened the properties dialog by right clicking the title bar. So if you ever open the Command Prompt and it immediately starts huge, remember that you can set its initial size back to the size you ... View Whole Post

December 30, 2015

I recently obtained an Apple Watch Sport, a product that I never though I would buy. Its 300 dollars for what I thought was little usefulness and not very beautiful hardware (like I believe the Moto 360 to be). Previously I had played with an Apple Watch at the Apple Store and I wasn't really impressed. It felt really laggy, but that was when Watch OS didn't allow ext ... View Whole Post

December 4, 2015

I have recently been playing around with my MSP430 dev kit and the DHT11 Temperature sensor. I did not want to use Energia because C is a better challenge and more useful to me. Having coded up my function to read from the dht11 I kept getting data timeouts for reasons unbeknownst to me. I debugged every part of what I wrote and even compared it to working code. However, after a few days of cas ... View Whole Post

April 9, 2015

The TI MSP430 is a cheap and fun microcontroller for embedded development. It comes with a development suite called Code Composer Studio. However, it does not run on Linux nor OSX. Luckily, GCC has been ported to the MSP430, dubbed View Whole Post

March 26, 2015

At work I have been fighting with Qt's implementation of Progress Dialogs. I have used Android's implementation before which was easy enough, but I could not seem to get Qt's to work right.

I found the key to understanding the behavior of the dialog is to understand that updating the progress bar requires an Event Loop. I was failing by assuming ... View Whole Post

January 3, 2015

Getting CMake set up to build a QT app on OSX was easy enough. The tough part came when I realized the compiled app was not retina ready. I found the fix to this was adding the property to the Info.plst file for the bundle. But first, I had to get my custom plist recognized by CMake. This way the plist would be the same for a makefile or Xcode generated project.

I first tried to add the plist like this (NOTE: Info.pl ... View Whole Post

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